About Us

In behalf of Medieval Bhutan, it is a great pleasure to invite you to explore and discover Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Medieval Bhutan Tours, your Bhutan travel Partner is a government registered tour agency licensed under Bhutan tourism council.We fulfil all the needs of our guests and provides the best service in a Bhutanese way. We also make an extra effort to help our guests in all areas of trip arrangement.Our Bhutan travel packages can be customized to suit every taste of our clients.We promise unfailing commitment to offer you an experiences that go beyond your expectations when you travel to Bhutan.
The management team wishes to invite our guests, to Explore and unravel the mysteries and hidden truths about this unique Kingdom of Bhutan. Come and explore the Kingdom’s philosophy of Gross National Happiness.

There is much of warmth in the fresh, cool and typically Bhutanese air that you will breathe when you travel to Bhutan. Your journey in to Bhutan will be completely different as compared to other countries. Most of the other countries offer their architectural cultural, traditional beauties. But Bhutan, besides having a unique and different culture and traditions has, its natural beauty, which we as Bhutanese, are committed to conserve the authenticity of a truly natural system. The country has also not shied from the good that modernity has to offer. It is this ability of the Bhutanese people that fascinates the visitor.
This tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, sandwiched between the two Asian giants, China and India, is considered the top tourist destination by many travel magazines. Bhutan receives a very few number of Tourists every year as compared to all other countries because it maintains its principle of low volume and “high value” Tourism so as to sustain a very fragile ecosystem and Buddhism based culture and traditions.

Bhutan has always been fascinating for foreigners as well as its residents. Bhutan strongly follows the philosophy of Gross National Happiness where the goal is “life in balance” through blending the material and philosophical world, spiritual and physical practice, visible and non-visible realities. Our goal is to offer a variety of travel opportunities to explore and experience this soul of Bhutan.
Our management and staff are comprised of seasoned travel professionals serving the domestic and international market. We offer a wide range of travel-related services to accommodate your every travel requirement on this Land of Happiness.
Explore Bhutan and endless, new possibilities that exist along the journey.
Create a friendly, warm and safe environment for travel.
Cultivate personal relationship and greater humanity through communication and exchange of ideas.
We offer you the best chances to experience our homeland and a wide range of cultural, adventure & special interest that stands out for its hospitality.

We ensure that the clients or their agents are well informed of bookings and activities in advance. We will take special care of our client’s arrival; we will take care of their transportation and journey upto the hotels, brief programs on Bhutan Tours, collect their air tickets for re-confirmation and satisfy any of their immediate needs. We will have full access to our company at all times in case they face any unforeseen problems and everything possible would then be done to assist them.
In fact, using your ideas together with our advice and expertise, you can create your own itinerary, then, leave the rest to us. We are the experts in this field and proud to offer a quality and flexibility of service that is unsurpassed in the travel industry. Our mission is to provide Quality and excellence to our guests promptly and exclusively. All the professionals at Medieval Bhutan Tours are masters of their trade and each brings with him/her a unique set of experience adding value to the traveler’s overall experience of the country. To put it simply, we know what a traveler anticipates and more than that we know what it takes to satisfy them. Travel to Bhutan with us.
We guarantee that your journey will be quite unlike anything, you’ve experienced before. We very much look forward to be a part of your travel in this magnificient country to discover the legacy of ancient heritage. Tashi Delek.